DAB PUMPS - Italian company which produces pumping equipment, founded in the early 70th of the last century. DAB company has several factories with modern equipment at its disposal. With its assembling, powerful cast-iron and aluminum foundry productions and staff of highly qualified professionals, DAB implements the production of complex parts of the pump equipment, pump assembly, rotors, stators and electro-motors.

Almost all manufacturing processes of DAB are automated, which allows production of high-quality equipment. Even at the stage of designing a profound study of all major assemblies and mechanisms of DAB pumps are made.

The most modern technologies and materials are applied. Every product manufactured on capacities of company DAB, passes final inspection, which includes hydraulic and electrical testing. This allows producing reliable, easy to operate and comfortable in a possible repair pumps.

Currently, the main objectives of manufacturing program of DAB are production of large industrial pumps, edition of new series of borehole, circulating pumps, and implementation of electronic components for their automation.

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