FAR Rubinetterie S.p.A. Company was formed in 1974 by brothers Alberto and Guerin Alessina and Nicola Rovaletti. The extensive experience in the field of heating and water supply has led to a great success, both in Italy and abroad. Using modern high-tech equipment and under the direct control of quality at all stages of production FAR company optimized the production process, thus creating a wide range of high quality products. A team of highly qualified engineers regularly develops new products, which allows to keep step with the changing needs of the market. Each produced item is inspected and tested in their own laboratory.

The company FAR recently reaffirmed compliance of their production process to modern requirements and received a certificate of quality UNI ENI ISO9001: 2008. FAR Rubinetterie S.p.A. — one of the few world-class manufacturers certified by Italian Manufacturers Association, the owner of the certificate of quality QAVR, which confirms production exceptionally in Italy from raw materials and component parts of the EU.

The results of tests in RUVARISs.r.l. independent laboratory confirmed the compliance of brass, from which, by standard USA — NSF 61, fittings of FAR are made. That is why FAR Rubinetterie S.p.A. has the right to use the brand "Green valve", registered by RUVARIS s.r.l., which is a very significant achievement for the manufacturer of sanitary ware. Widening range of customers and a growing reputation are visual confirmation of the quality and success of product FAR at the world level.

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