FIV Company was founded in 1984. From the very beginning of its existence due to the manufacturing experience of managers, the company was able to offer the market high quality products. 

Today, the factory produces ball valves for water and gas, faucets with pipe sockets, connections for polyethylene pipes, flexible hoses and isolation valves. 

The latest constructive solutions allow maintaining the production at the forefront. The company constantly invests significant resources in improvement of machines and assembly lines, which makes FIV products highly reliable. Certificates of various bodies on certification of importing countries of FIV products are proof of the high quality of production and their compliance with the most stringent requirements and standards. An additional guarantee for the customer is ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 1996. 

The factory is continuously working on expanding the range of products that helps clients win all the new positions in the market.

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