Industrie Pasotti S.p.A. Company is Europe's largest Italian manufacturer of aluminum radiators. Initially, company was engaged in the production of devices for automotive industry and household appliances. Subsequently, by expanding the production supplemented by casting non-ferrous metals. One of the plants Industrie Pasotti S.p.A., factory equipped with the latest equipment, was built in 1972 in the town of Prevalle, the administrative center of Brescia, in northern Italy, specifically for the production of cast aluminum radiators.


The total area of factory is 40,000 m2. 

Now factories employ more than 440 people. 


Processing of raw materials 

Melting furnaces Aluminum smelting 


Removal of impurities and outgassing 

The molten in furnaces aluminum is subjected to treatment which is necessary to remove impurities and gases from the casting.


Quality Control 


Quality control of raw input includes quantometric and metallurgical testing of aluminum alloy, castings by nondestructive method testing and control of their size.



Type of plant Area of injection molding 


Workshop equipment 

The latest press from 950 to 2000 tons equipped with systems of diagnosis and self-control with a fully automated working cycle is used in production.


Workshop of mechanical processing and assembly 

Type of workshop Area of mechanical processing



Automatic cycle of mechanical processing includes: contact welding, milling, thread cutting, grinding, assembly and 100% testing of products according to norms on certification.


Painting line

Painting line Anaphoresis painting


Electrostatic painting 

All radiators of IPS are double colored by modern high-tech equipment. Before painting the surface of the inner chamber is degreased and recovered (by removing the oxide film) to improve adhesion (absorption) of the protective coating, after what the anticorrosion fluoro-zirconium coating is applied.


The first (primary) layer of paint is applied by method of anaphoresis, which is considered to be the most advanced method of applying protective coatings. Second (last) layer is applied with epoxy-polyether enamels by electrostatic method. Both lacquers are polymerized in a special oven at 180°C. 


After painting each radiator is over subjected to hydro-testing in honor to verify the tightness of seals.



Packaging section Packaging 



Particular attention is paid to the packaging. Before packaging each radiator is inspected and in case of external defects is rejected. Packaging of radiators includes applying a protective heat shrink film needed to protect the radiator from damage during setting, as well as packing in a box made of durable multi-layer corrugated cardboard.



Warehouse Automated packaging machine 


Shipping from warehouses 

Used pallets are reserved by entire height with the corners of corrugated cardboard and covered with polyethylene film for better protection of goods in transportation process.


Each year factory produces more than 7 million sections. Industrie Pasotti S.p.A. is among top three European manufacturers of cast aluminum heating devices.


A fundamental aspect of the company's policy is to maintain the high quality and reliability of manufacturing goods. To achieve this goal several years ago was implanted a technological innovational program that allowed achieving a higher level of mechanization, technology and quality and as a result, all production of Industrie Pasotti S.p.A has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.


"Termo-Ar" Company is the exclusive distributor of Industrie Pasotti S.p.A. in Armenia.

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