Annual meeting with the architects and designers

Company Termo-Ar keeps its good traditions, and in December 2010 held a meeting with architects and designers of Armenia for a warm and friendly evening and summing up of the passing year.

Seminar "UPONOR"

On April 28 in developing and entertainment center "The LOFT" a seminar of Mikhail Kuznetsov, representative of the Finnish company "UPONOR", who arrived in Yerevan from Moscow, was held. 

Seminar "TERMINUS"

On May 31 in the office of "Termo-Ar" company a seminar of Aleksey Klyonin, representative of the Russian company "Terminus", who arrived in Yerevan from Moscow, was held. 

Meeting with architects

On October 7, a regular meeting of "Termo-Ar" with architects was held at "Collage" restaurant. 

Product of the year 2010

Тhe RAPIDO heating boilers, presented by Termo-Ar Company, won a prize on the presentation of "Product of the year 2010".

Technical seminar with FAR

On June 19, 2010, representatives of FAR Company, Mr. Alberto Alessina and Mr. Claudio Zanella held technical seminar .

Gergiev in Armenia

On 3-4 May the world famous conductor Valery Gergiev and the Orchestra of Mariinsky held two wonderful concerts in Yerevan.

Trainings with the staff of "Termo-Ar"

On the 3-4 October "Termo-Ar" organized trainings with the personnel of the sales department. 

Seminars on boilers

On October 13-14 specialists from Moscow held seminars with "Termo-Ar" personnel and dealers.

Royal philharmonic orchestra

A great event took place in the cultural life of Yerevan on September 22-23. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Seminars about the new brands

On April 21 and 27, 2010, in one of the offices of "Termo-Ar" company on Vardanants 15 seminars for the dealers, installers and staff of the company took place.

Seminar "Soler & Palau ventilation systems"

On September 23-24 a seminar "Soler & Palau ventilation systems" took place in the conference hall of Ani hotel.

The Brand of the Year

On September 10, 2009, during the rewarding ceremony in Marriott hotel, Yerevan, the Jaga company (Belgium).

Constructоrs' Day

On August 7, 2009, the Constructors' Day was celebrated in the Armenia Marriot hotel in Yerevan.

Seminar with projectors

On July 29, 2009, a meeting with the designers of Yerevan took place in the new office of "Termo-Ar" on Poushkin 51/26. 

Expo of Luxury

An exposition of luxurious brands took place on 26-27th of June in the Golden Palace hotel in Yerevan.

International export meeting JAGA 2009

On April 20-25 in Belgium the "Termo-Ar" company workers took part in the Jaga annual international export meeting. 

EXPO 2009

On 2009 April 17-20 the company "Termo-Ar" has taken part in the annual commercial and industrial "Building and Reconstruction"

Prize for collaboration

On January 24, 2009, in "Termo-Ar" office, Arthur Hakobyan.

Seminar with projectors

On January 25, 2008, a meeting with the active projecting companies took place in the office of the "Termo-Ar" company..

The Brand of the Year

On 4th September, 2008, the annual rewarding ceremony of "The Brand of the Year" by "Master" IISC took place in Marriott Armenia Hotel, Yerevan. 

Prize for collaboration

On December 28, 2007, in the office of the "Termo-Ar" company one of the riggers, collaborating with the company.


On September 14-17, 2007, the Armenia Expo 2007 International Trade-Industrial annual exposition was being held in the Dinamo stadium aft. 

JAGA international export meeting 2007

On June 18-24 in Belgium the "Termo-Ar" company employees for the third time (since 2005) took part in the Jaga annual International Export Meeting.

"Termo-Ar" as Mischa Mayski's Yerevan concert sponsor

On April 29th, 2007 in the Opera House after Al. Spendiaryan, took place a concert of the world-known cellist Mischa Mayski...

Master class by the specialists from Moscow

On March 5, 2007 the specialists from Moscow held a masterclass in the "Termo-Ar" shop. 

Seminar with erection crews

On March 28, 2007 a seminar was held in the shop of the company "Termo-Ar". 

Certificates to the Olympic Chess Champions 2006

On November 16, 2006 the Olympic chess champions of the current year 

Armenia Expo 2006

In 2006 September 8-11 the company "Termo-Ar" has taken part in the annual commercial and industrial exposition "Armenia Expo"...

USAID - "Heating Technologies" Expo

In 2006, March 15-17 "Termo-Ar" was invited to take part in the "Heating Technologies Expo", organized by the USAID.

Armenia Expo 2005

In 2005 September 14-17 the company "Termo-Ar" has taken part in...

"Termo-Ar" first anniversary

In July 2005 the company "Termoros" celebrated its10th birthday, and "Termo-Ar" completed the 1st year of itsactivities. 

Armenia Expo 2004

 In 2004 the company "Termo-Ar" has taken part in the annual commercial and industrial exposition "Armenia Expo"...

The "Termo-Ar" company grand opening in Yerevan

On July 21, 2004, in Yerevan the official opening of the "Termo-Ar" office took place. The company will make the complex heating in accordance with the highest international modern standards.